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About Us

Established in 2014, Gaoyuan Bearing China has been engaged in Bearing industry for years, we provide high quality Roller Bearing and Ball Bearing with competitive prices for large stock. Professional and Sophisticated after-sales services are supported all the time.

Sphericial Roller Bearing and Cylindrical Roller Bearing are Gaoyuan Bearing China main products. we also provides standard bearing and non-standard bearings, linear bearings, automotive bearings, large bearings, railway bearings, spherical plain bearings, high temperature, super-precision bearings, as well as some rare types customized to your need.

Our bearings are exported to countries and regions in Europe (the UK, Italy, Germany), North America (Brazil, Mexico), The Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

Please contact for a PRICE LIST and solutions if any products are interested in you, you will get FREE SAMPLES with Cheapest Freight Charges by DHL, TNT, FEDEX, UPS etc.